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HCC’s main activities are organised under the 3 major programs of prevention, protection and reintegration within these two programs, HCC undertakes various activities, as outlined below:

Prevention Program

Prevention – primarily through conducting mobile awareness raising, organizing youth campaigns and distributing IEC materials in local communities, focusing on those with high rates of migration.

Protection Program

Protection – providing care and support services at their two shelters for victims of abuse, trafficking and exploitation, GDC and Koh Kong as well as providing referrals for additional support such as psycho-social and legal.

Reintegration Program

Reintegration – supporting vocational training and job placement as well as community follow-up for clients who have returned home, helping to reduce the need to re-migrate from their homes.

HCC believes in the provision of holistic programs that can effectively and sustainably support the most vulnerable communities in rural Cambodia. Many of Cambodia’s rural communities experience extreme poverty, low education levels, and a limited awareness of their rights, all of which make them highly susceptible to trafficking, sexual abuse and child labour. HCC’s aim is to reduce the risks experienced by these communities through working at the village level to raise awareness, educate, and create support groups to ensure that the women and children have the knowledge, skills and resources to effect positive change within their community. Furthermore, as these human rights violations frequently stem from poverty, prevention strategies are only effective if corresponding actions on income earning or livelihood concerns are addressed. As such, HCC provides alternative community support options alongside its awareness raising and education programs.

These options can include: scholarships, micro-credit programs, the establishment of savings and loans groups, agriculture technical skill training, the provision of threshing machines and dams, and the construction of latrines in schools and villages to improve hygiene and health and reduce the number of girls that drop out of school due to the acute embarrassment that arises from the lack of appropriate toilets and sanitation at school. HCC has found that the combination of awareness raising, education, development of supports and poverty reduction programs can effectively and sustainably reduce the vulnerability of women and children to trafficking, sexual abuse and child labour in rural Cambodia.